We stock and sell products by Silkolene, Hi Rev, Castrol, Wurth, Tech, Sperex, Scotoil and more.

We carry all the popular lines including, 2-stroke oils (injector and premix), 4-stroke oils (semi and fully synthetic) Coolant, Brake fluid, Chain lubes, Carb cleaner, Silcon spray, Brake cleaner, Filter oil, Engine/exhaust paint, Degreaser, Cleaning products etc etc.

 We also stock the American brand Hi-Rev, a quality budget oil.

Two stroke oils

 Super2 injector synthetic oil only £7.99

Comp2 Now premix or injector oil £9.99

Castrol Power 1 (TTS) fully synthetic oil £12.99

Comp2 plus advanced synthetic oil £15.99 

Pro2 ultimate fully synthetic premix racing oil £20.99


Four stroke oils


 Silkolene Super 4 10w40 semi synthetic 1 litre £8.99

Silkolene Super 4 10w40 semi synthetic 4L £26.99 

Silkolene Comp 4 synthetic based 10w40 1litre £9.99

Silkolene Comp 4 synthetic based 10w40 4 litre £37.99

Castrol Power 1 10w40 fully synthetic 1 litre £9.99 


Castrol Power 1 10w40 fully synthetic 4 litre £33.99


Hi-Rev 740 semi synth 10w40 1 litre £7.99

Hi-Rev 740 semi synth 10w40 4 litre £20.99


Fork oils

Silkolene fork oils available in


£10.99 per litre 



Non toxic all season coolant 1litre £6.99


Brake fluids

Silkolene Dot 4 brake fluid 250ml £3.99

Silkolene Dot 4 brake fluid 500ml £6.99

Wurth Dot 4 brake fluid £6.49

Wurth Dot 4 brake fluid 250ml £2.99


Gear oils

Silkolene gear oil available in light and medium grades 1 litre £8.50


Chain lubrications

Silkolene semi-synthetic chain lube 400ml £9.99

Silkolene chain gel 400ml £9.99

Tech chain lube 500ml £5.99 

Mini chain lube spray 100ml £3.99



Simoniz black engine enamel £7.99 

Simoniz very high temperature black £7.99




GT85 £3.99


ACF50 aircraft spec protection spray £14.99 


Foam filter oil 1litre £11.99


Scottoil 500ml refill £7.99


Linseal  puncture proofing £7.99


Silkolene brake cleaner £6.99


Wurth corrosion prevention spray £4.99


Tech cleaning products  

Antimist visor spray 100ml £3.99  


Visor cleaner spray 100ml £6.99

Debug fairing/screen cleaner spray 500ml £4.99

Wash and wax liquid 500ml £4.99

Power protect spray 500ml £5.99

Power clean degreaser 1 litre £5.49

Also available in 5 litre £16.99

Chain cleaner spray 500ml £4.99

Wheel cleaner spray 500ml £4.99


Brake cleaner spray 500ml £4.99


 We can also supply by request, oils and lubricants

from Motorex, Putoline (off road oils), and more

Please contact us with your requirements